The Process

Tori Harris loves helping small businesses succeed in the digital world. below is her 4 step design process.


step 1: Initial Planning meeting

If after your FREE, 30 minute design consultation, you decide to hire Tori Harris Designs, you will schedule an Initial Planning Meeting.  Tori will talk to you in-depth about all of your website needs, from number of pages to color pallet. (There's a lot to discuss in order to bring your dream website to life!) After your Initial Planning Meeting, you will: 

  • Select your package (Basic, Professional or eCommerce)
  • Agree to a launch date
  • Sign a contract
  • Submit a deposit

Then, the fun work begins! 


Step 2: materials & resource gathering

Once a contract is signed and deposit paid, Tori Harris will send you a customized "Project Planning Guide" based on the information gathered during your Initial Planning Meeting. Inside the guide, you'll be asked to supply necessary information (such as page descriptions, logos, pictures and links) so that Tori can begin building your website. To stay on target for the agreed release date, Tori will give you (2) weeks to complete your own data gathering and upload this information on a shared Google Drive folder. 


Step 3: editing & Revisions

Once you have submitted a complete "Project Planning Guide", Tori can begin working on building your website. Within (2) weeks of submitting a complete Project Planning Guide, you will be sent the first draft of your new website. You will have (7) days to submit revisions & edits. All site packages include (2) rounds of revisions, making sure that your finished site is your dream site. 


Step 4: Web training & additional tech support

As a business owner, it's important that you feel empowered to edit, update and continue to put new content on your website. To help you feel confident, at the end of your design project, Tori Harris Designs will send you a custom "How To Edit" guide which acts as a digital manual, helping you navigate editing your website. Depending on your service agreement, Tori Harris Designs may also supply you with tech support and live training.